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Welcome and Thank You For Visiting Tom Tom DuFore is an indie rock artist that has just completed his debut album, "I Wanna Tell You." It is currently available for purchase via: iTunes.

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To help launch the new CD he is doing something completely radical......He is is a giving away a..... 

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iTunes   CD Baby  Amazon

iTunes    CD Baby   Amazon

The CD release event is going to run from November 17, 2009 until November 20, 2009.  This is going to be a little different than a typical CD release party because it is all going to be completely virtual!!  This is a pretty cool thing so tell your friends!

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View Tom DuFore's EPK and other online sources. You will also want to join themailing list, view some photos, and take some time to learn a little bit more about Tom DuFore.Buy Now

Electronic Press Kit (EPK) "I Wanna Tell You," is Tom DuFore's debut album and is the embodiment of who he is. If you are looking to laugh, cry, smile, and take a moment to escape for a while, then look no further. Right from the beginning of the album you are captivated by the melodic hooks and the intoxicating harmony that has you humming these songs for weeks to come. This radio friendly and radio ready album is the perfect choice for a social gathering, an intimate moment, or a personal setting when you are looking to find yourself.Tom DuFore appears to be a master at creating a well-balanced album that will surprise you with its fabulous arrangements and melodies. You do not want to wait another minute if you have not yet listened to "I Wanna Tell You," the debut album of Tom DuFore.