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Tom DuFore: News

New song release.... - August 4, 2010

Ok, so I have a new song that I am going to be releasing over the next month or so, please keep posted!!!  I will notify you with more details, but it is going to be a sweet cover song by one of my favorite bands!  Tom DuFore

New Guitar! - May 31, 2010

Hey group, I wanted to let you know I picked up a sweet new guitar today!!! It is going to rock when I get it plugged in!

Yours truly, Tom DuFore

Yelloh - May 16, 2010

Just wanted to check in and share some news.  I have been a bit out of the loop recently, but there has been a lot going on.  I just finished being part of a new recording for a BRAND NEW Final Fantasy CD release coming out in June.  I was able to sing in the choir on three songs.  You can read more about the release below and check back for more updates.

Yours truly,

Tom DuFore


Press Release:

Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY, the much anticipated new album with all new FINAL FANTASY scores was recorded in late January, 2010 by Arnie Roth and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Elmhurst College Concert Choir. For the first time on any recording, Distant Worlds welcomes the group Earthbound Papas, featuring Nobuo Uematsu on organ. We also welcome back vocal soloist Susan Calloway, Laura Stephenson on harp, Per Skareng on guitar, and Oskar Ekburg on the Stockholm Concert Hall Pipe Organ (Grönlund 1982). 

Read the rest of the release at:

Beatles Tribute!!! - February 20, 2010

Hey, I wanted to let everyone know that I will be performing a song at the Beatles Tribute Fundraiser for the Vocal Jazz Ensemble, "Late Night Blues."  It will be at Fitz's Spare Keys on Sunday, February 21st, 2010 in Elmhurst< IL from 7-9 pm. Admission is $10 at the door, $5 for students with an ID. 

I will be singing "In My Life" by The Beatles and there will be a lot of other great songs by The Beatles too!!!!!

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Yours Truly,

Tom DuFore

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Video - December 16, 2009

Here's the video of the last song for the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert I performed in.  It was an unbelievable experience and I want to thank all of you who were able to make it out.

press release - December 11, 2009

I am Singing at Final Fantasy Concert - December 11, 2009

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be singing tomorrow at the Rosemont Theatre in the Elmhurst College Choir in the Distant World's Final Fantasy concert.  This is going to be an unbelieveable event!  The composer of the music is in from Japan, there is a world class conductor, world debuts of new music, and the Chicago Sinfoneta!!  This is going to be an incredible concert and the tickets are nearly sold out!  Go to ticket master to buy them.

You can get a free song of mine off of at

Virtual CD Release Party - You're Invited - November 17, 2009

To My Friends and Family,

I am officially announcing the release of my debut CD called, "I Wanna Tell You"
and 'I Wanna' share it with you!  It has been a long journey, roughly 7 years,
but we are finally here and I am thrilled to be sharing this special day with you.

To celebrate and announce the release of my album and I asking for your
support by helping with my "Virtual CD Release Party."  I know that it is a bit
unconventional, but it is a way for you to share in this experience no matter
where you are located or what amount of time you have to spare. 

So here is how it works:

First, go to iTunes or Amazon and download a song or two for only $0.99 or
the album at a discounted rate.  If you only want to buy one song I
would recommend "I Wanna Tell You" or "Hear My Prayer."

Second, you go to my website, and get a free
song from the album to download.

Third, forward this email along to your friends to join
the 97K mp3 download challenge

Thank you again for your support in the successful release of my CD!!!


Tom DuFore

It's Facebook Official - November 16, 2009

My CD release party goes live in just a few hours, so if you are friends with me on Facebook or I have your email, you will be getting notice.  Please help out and download a song if you can. 


Check out this video on the new mp3 download challenge.



Virtual CD Release Party This WEEK - November 16, 2009

The CD release event is going to run from November 17, 2009 until November 20, 2009.  This is going to be a little different than a typical CD release party because it is all going to be completely virtual!!  This is a pretty cool thing so tell your friends!  This will also be the kick off to the 97K mp3 download challenge where you can get a free song download, just by purchasing one of my songs.

It's coming - November 14, 2009

Gearing up for the big 97K mp3 download challenge. I should have everything in place by the end of the weekend and ready for this week.

97K mp3 download challenge - November 5, 2009

The 97,000 mp3 download challenge is about to start... I am going to need some help. More details coming soon....

Gigging? - October 6, 2009

I am just getting the process cranking for some local gigs so keep posted to the site and blog to find out more. Thanks for checking in. Yours truly, Tom DuFore!

Facebook Fans! - August 11, 2009

Follow me on at
Tom DuFore on Facebook

I hope you join up and send me a message or two. Tell your friends!

Tom DuFore's Press Kit - July 2, 2009

Tom DuFore's Electronic Press Kit - July 2, 2009

Check out the new press kit that has just been put together. -Tom DuFore

Sign-up - June 22, 2009

Don't forget while you're here, please sign-up for the newsletter. Fill your email into the box at the top of the page as I will be sending out the dates for the CD release party very soon. Keep posted. -Tom DuFore.

Video - June 2, 2009

Hi all, I just posted a new video to my home page. This is just a little introduction for you. Thanks for stopping by and pass my website along to your friends.

Buy Now

Update - March 3, 2009

It has been a while since I posted anything, but wanted to let you know that I am still here and am coordinating and putting together a plan for a release party and booking some events. I will keep you posted. Yours Truly, Tom DuFore.

I need Your Help - February 13, 2009

To all: I Wanna Tell You that I am going to be making a big marketing push in the coming few months. So please keep your eyes and ears open for some hot new press releases. In the mean time, you can help out a lot by telling your friends about my new album. If you all could download the album off of iTunes or a few songs that would be HUGE! Also, if you have any connections in the radio/TV industry that would be interested in hearing my album for new music, please let me know. Thanks in advance. -Tom DuFore

Oasis Sampler - January 29, 2009

Today I checked my mail and received the copy of the Oasis CD Sampler that had one of my songs on it, I Wanna Tell You. It was featured in their acoustic sampler. We'll see if it gets some airplay. Yours Truly, Tom DuFore.

MP3 - January 23, 2009

If you are looking to buy a CD or download an MP3 you can do that right on this site or go to iTunes or If you are looking to buy "I Wanna Tell You," you have come to the right place. I will keep you posted on my upcoming CD release party!!! Yours Truly, Tom DuFore - "I Wanna Tell You" is now available - January 19, 2009

I just found out that "I Wanna Tell You" is now available via If you are more comfortable buying the album here, go for it! Yours truly, Tom DuFore

iTunes... Now Available For Purchase - January 18, 2009

I Wanna Tell You is now available for purchase throughiTunes!!! You can log in to your iTunes account and search for Tom DuFore, DuFore, or I Wanna Tell You. There you will be able to download your favorite song for $0.99 or buy the entire album for $9.90. I am so happy to share this message with you.

2009 - Let's Begin DuFore - January 15, 2009

Well, this is really quite an exciting time as the new year roles in. It is also a scary time for many of us as the current world recession continues to move in. I am confident that 2009 will lead us to an economic comeback and that it will be an all around good year. I know that times are tough for many, but for others, things continue to improve or stay the same.

At this time of year it is great to reflect back on last year, but more importantly look to the promise of the new year. Write out your goals and set your mind to achieving them at all costs.

I hope that you continue to check out my site and buy a CD or two while you are here.

Yours Truly, Tom DuFore
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